Outline MK Rose Brief

Whilst this project has many interested stakeholders that come from a wide range of positions, it is clear that there is a common desire for this project to succeed, for the stakeholders, Milton Keynes and for future generations.

This project will need the stakeholders passion and vision, but also it will need us all to look to see where we can meet differing views in a constructive way for the benefit of this project.

  • Purpose

    Memorial to service men and women who have fallen in service

    A point of annual public remembrance: 11:11:11 (so to allow local parades on Remembrance Sunday)

    A meeting point in central Milton Keynes

    A unique wondrous symbol / sculpture that helps to act as an education for younger generations

  • Location

    Pond at Campbell Park

  • Considerations

    Non religious

    Youth involvement (in design or construction)