Key stages

On Friday 28th of October we announced our selected location Campbell Park Pond with our partners The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council, we also confirmed Gordon Young as our artist.

Gordon Young, works internationally on delivering high quality public realm projects as part of major regeneration and placemaking schemes. For more information about Gordon’s work please visit

Gordon’s most recent work was launched October 2011, called ‘The ComedyCarpet’ which is a 2,200m2 artwork at the foot of Blackpool tower featuring songs, jokes and catchphrases of over 1000 comedians. For more information please visit

Here are some of the images we showed to the press and stakeholders:

The next key stage is 11:11:11 where we will unveil the Armistice pillar and during a small ceremony we will observe the 2 minute silence at 11am.

Following this the public engagement will start with visits to all of our stakeholder groups and support from our local press to select what 110 of the 140 pillar will mark: This could be anything from the day Milton Keynes was founded to VJ day, this will be steered and decided through our community engagement programme. We will leave 30 of the pillars for future events to be remembered or indeed for future generations to decide.