We have many wonderful memorials in and around Milton Keynes which are supported on Remembrance Sunday but no cenotaph for Armistice Day. So the cenotaph trust decided with the support of Milton Keynes Council, The Parks Trust and the County Chairman of the British Legion to build one. As we are Milton Keynes and we do things differently it was not going to be a traditional one. We spent over a year looking at other memorials from around the world. We selected an artist, Gordon Young, who then immersed himself in the subject, and in conjunction with public consultation with groups such as the Western Front Association and local schools we gathered views and desires.

This year we will have our first Armistice Day with the fully finished artwork now called the MK Rose. At our core we aim to support the on-going education of today's citizens and our future ones with this unique piece of public art to remember those who have fallen in service.

We see the MK Rose as a beacon to support local memorials, and it will not be used on Remembrance Sunday as the local memorials bearing the names of our loved ones take pride of place that day. The MK Rose is to enhance remembrance and respect for those who gave so much. Lest we forget.

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